Taketomijima Regional Foundation

 The idea of the Taketomi Island Natural Asset Foundation was not created in one day. We have to go back to the Showa 30’s(1955-), when depopulation accelerated and abandoned farmland became apparent. The ancestors of this island had struggled to make the best use of the land, and had worked hard to create new industries, such as pasturage and sericulture(silk production) in this small island. Since the time of the Okinawa reversion to Japan(1972), the number of people attracted by the beauty of Taketomi Island increased; we came to hear that people wanted to bring back the island’s beautiful scenery aided by an entrance fee for visitors. Unfortunately, this plan had to be abandoned at that time, but we have never forgotten that this was the basic concept for an advanced way of thinking about saving the island.

 It was since the Heisei era that I felt that the transition of the island was speeding up. Many people visited the island as a result of the Chura-san(TV drama) boom. Under the influence of TV, the population of the island, which had decreased to 250 in 1991, gradually increased. However, from the influence of the growing general mass tourism, Taketomi Island became a magnet for tourists attracted by the island peoples’s normal traditional life, impacting the natural and social environments, which had to be changed.

 Taketomi Public Hall began discussions again in 2013 on how to solve the sense of incongruity between living and tourism. How can we regain the “beautiful landscape of Taketomi Island” which the great seniors of the island spea? This was resolved at the 2014 Taketomi Public Hall regular meeting- “We will work with the whole island”. Since then, five years have passed and the Taketomijima Regional Foundation was established.

 The Foundation includes not only our thoughts and the sentiments of our predecessors, but also the thoughts of the related ministries, Taketomi Town, Taketomijima Regional Natural Asset Council, and everyone who visited the island. We have a big role to play in bringing back this beautiful island through the natural environment conservation business and natural environment trust activities, and to pass the baton to the next generation.

 For accomplishing this large task, we ask for cooperation with the Entrance Fee from everyone who visits Taketomi Island in accordance with the Taketomi Island Natural Assets Regional Plan. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


May 30, 2019
Taketomijima Regional Foundation

Chairman Atsushi UESEDO

About us


The foundation complies with the “Taketomi Island Charter” and works to promote the conservation and sustainable use of the natural environment and culture in the Taketomi Island Natural Asset Conservation Area.

  1. Research and conservation projects on the natural environment and rural villages across Taketomi Island’s terrestrial ecosystem, sea area and coastal ecosystem.
  2. Rehabilitation project related to the natural environment and rural villages across the terrestrial ecosystem and sea / coast ecosystem of Taketomi Island.
  3. Technology succession project related to the natural environment, marine culture, and rural villages across Taketomi Island’s terrestrial ecosystem and sea / coast ecosystem.
  4. Human resource development business related to Taketomi Island and natural asset areas.
  5. Establishment and development project for Taketomi Island natural asset area management and cooperation system.
  6. Public relations project for communication of nature and conservation activities in Taketomi Island.
  7. Research, creation and management of founding for trust purpose, including purchase of land for environmental protection and conservation.
  8. Other businesses necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation.

 Fiscal year

April 1 to March 31 of the following year.


207-1 Taketomi, Taketomi-cho, Yaeyama-gun, Okinawa
TEL 0980-85-2800 FAX 0980-85-2801
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Staff, Councilor and Auditor


Atsushi UESEDO

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Hirofumi INOUE
Tatsujin UESEDO
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